A New Bill of Rail Transport Act B.E. … is disclosed


          The purpose of a Draft Bill of The Rail Transport Act, B.E. is to provide people with convenience, speed, economy and safety in traveling, to be in line with the strategy and policy of the Ministry of Transport from 2017 to 2021, to promote rail transport as the main transport system of the country, and to keep up the pace of the technology. It is expected that the number of the rail transport will increase by 30% within 3 years.

The significant matters on the Bill of Rail Transport Act B.E. .. are as follows:

          1. Establishing “a rail transport policy committee”, and the Prime Minister acts as the chairman which has duties and powers as follows:

               1.1 approving the rail transport development plan and the project of the government agency in the rail transport business.

               1.2 proposing guidelines for the development of real estate or other assets that benefit from the rail transport business, and the area around the rail station to the Cabinet.

               1.3 Prescribing advanced rates of fares, transportation costs, rail utilization costs and assets necessary for the operation of rail transport businesses and other fees including specifying the type of person who is exempt from paying the fare.

          2. Requiring the Department of Rail Transport to prepare a rail transport development plan.

          3. For the implementation of the rail transport project, the State may allow the government agency to act on its own or may allow the operation by private investment.

          4. Designating the project owner to define the rail transport system and the rail transport safety zone.

          5. prohibiting anyone from operating a rail transport business unless a license is issued by the Minister.

          6. Establishing a “railway accident investigation committee”

          7. Providing the protection of passengers as follows:

               7.1 The licensee shall collect fares, transportation costs, rail utilization costs and assets necessary for the operation of rail transport businesses. and other fees cannot exceed the rates announced by the Committee.

               7.2 The licensee shall be liable to indemnify the passenger in the event that the rail transport operation is delayed or cancelled.

               7.3 The licensee must provide insurance against damage incurred to the life and body of the passengers and service users.

               7.4 The licensee is obliged to provide facilities for passengers and service users especially the disabled, the elderly, pregnant women and children to be suitable for using the services of the rail transport business

          The Proposed Amendment Act can be seen as an instrument to drive the Thai rail system to be internationally equivalent, boost Thai economy, and increase the country’s potential and competitiveness.


Legal Insight Vol. December 2021 of Bangkok Global Law 

The PDF file can be downloaded via the link as set below. 

A New Bill of Rail Transport Act B.E. … is disclosed_Bangkok Global Law