Legal Insight Vol. June 2021 of Bangkok Global Law

Our Legal Insight Vol. June 2021 covers in 19 interesting articles as follows:


  • Tax Exemption on the Asset Warehousing Program responding to Covid-19.
  • Thailand allows tax break on software-related expenses for SMEs.
  • Tax Relief Measures on medical donation.
  • Thai Cabinet approved 4 drafts of Royal Decree to extend the period for industrial tax incentives with the purpose to motivate the foreign investors.
  • A Global Minimum Tax for Multinational Companies.


  • Silver Lining in Real Estate Industry for Foreigners.
  • SEC issues regulation to support the formation of REIT for private investors.


  • Postponement the submission of audited financial statements to DBD.
  • Law reform on ease of doing business.


  • Strengthen regulation on food delivery app.
  • Electronic Performance of Administrative Functions .

Digital Asset

  • Thai SEC issues new utility token regulations for exchanges.
  • What is Non-Fungible Token?


  • BOT extended the debt moratorium for SME borrowers.


  • Ad guidelines must be followed by private jab providers.
  • Will the COVID-19 pandemic give rise to the force majeure clauses?

Ride-Hailing Services

  • Legalized the use of private vehicle as taxi via application platforms.
  • Riders in Bangkok seek legal protection.

Trade Competition

  • New guidelines regarding setting unfair credit terms for SMEs.



Legal Insight Vol. June 2021 of Bangkok Global Law 

The PDF file can be downloaded via the link as set below. 

Legal Insight Vol. June 2021 of Bangkok Global Law