Legalized the use of private vehicle as taxi via application platforms

Ride-Hailing Services

The use of private vehicle as taxi via application platforms has been implemented and legalized by Ministry of Transport in the form of Online Ride-Hailing Services as published on the Government Gazette on 23 June 2021.

According to the Ministerial Regulation on online ride-hailing services, any private vehicle which falls under the definition and requirement specified under this regulation is legally allowed to be registered and used for online ride-hailing services which provide an alternative choice for passengers.

The key points of the regulation are summarized below
          ➢ A vehicle that can be registered under this regulation shall carry not more than seven passengers.
          ➢ There are three types of vehicles that can be registered which are small vehicles such as Nissan March and Toyota Vios and Honda City, medium vehicles such as Toyota Altis and Honda Civic, and large vehicles such as Honda Accord and Toyota Fortuner.
          ➢ Registration of online ride-hailing services are limited only one car per one person.
          ➢ To be registered in the application to carry out ride-hailing services, a vehicle shall not be more than 9 years old.
          ➢ The vehicle shall be affixed with a sign to indicate registration as a hired car via electronic system.
          ➢ The application for online ride haling services must be operated by service providers certified by the Department of Land Transport and at least contain as follows:
                          1. Information of vehicle and driver;
                          2. Verification system such as Pin Code, Fingerprint, or Face Scan;
                          3. An estimated route duration;
                          4. Advance fare calculation system;
                          5. A vehicle tracking system; and
                          6. An emergency detection and reporting system.
          ➢ A service provider shall set up a travel data recorder at least one month.


Legal Insight Vol. June 2021 of Bangkok Global Law 

The PDF file can be downloaded via the link as set below. 

Legalized the use of private vehicle as taxi via application platforms_Bangkok Global Law