License for production, importation, exportation and distribution of Hemp

License for hemp production, import, export, and distribution is now available in Thailand

               On January 29, 2021, Thailand started processing applications for licenses under the requirements set out by Ministerial Regulation Re: Application and License for Production, Importation, Exportation, Selling, or Possession of Hemp or the “Notification”, published in the Royal Thai Gazette on December 30, 2020.
               According to the Notification, application for license for the use of hemp is available to a Thai individual person who is at least 20-year-old and has a residence in Thailand or a juristic person which is registered under laws of Thailand and has at least two-thirds of the directors, partners, or shareholders holding Thai nationality.
                According to the Notification, a license involving hemp activities shall be issued only for the following purposes;

  • For the benefits or objectives of the government or a state agency;
  • For the utilization of fibers according to traditions, cultures, or way of life and it shall be used only in household. In this case, the cultivation area is limited to 1,600 square meters per household;
  • To be used for benefit in commercial or industrial;
  • To conduct the activities of analysis, research or improvement of hemp strains; or
  • To produce the certified hemp seeds.

               To acquire the license for any hemp activity, the applicant shall lodge the application based on the location of hemp business operation. For the hemp business operation located in Bangkok, the application shall be lodged at the office of the Food and Drug Administration or with the nearest Provincial Public Health Office in case that the hemp business operation is located outside of Bangkok.
               Last but not least, a licensee of importation and exportation of hemp is required to obtain a license for each time of importing or exporting


Legal Insight Vol. February 2021 of Bangkok Global Law 

The PDF file can be downloaded via the link as set below. 

License for production, importation, exportation and distribution of Hemp_Bangkok Global Law