The Financial Transaction Tax of 0.1 is proposed

          On December 2021, the Ministry of Finance of Thailand announces that there is preparation to collect Financial Transaction Tax from investors with a trading volume of more than 1 million baht per month.

          However, the Financial Transaction Tax at 0.1% would be applied to the amount exceeding the financial sale value limit only. To this extent, if the sale value exceeds the limit by 10,000 baht, only 10,000 baht is taxed and the investors shall be liable for the total tax amount of THB 10. At present , an individual investor is exempted from tax on capital gain while a juristic investor shall be liable for corporate income tax as stipulated by law. For dividend, an individual investor is liable for 10% withholding tax on any dividend income from any listed or limited company unless the dividend is received from any company promoted by the Board of Investment or the BOI. While the tax on dividends for a juristic investor is set under different conditions provided by teh Revenue Code of Thailand.


Legal Insight Vol. December 2021 of Bangkok Global Law 

The PDF file can be downloaded via the link as set below. 

The Financial Transaction Tax of 0.1 is proposed_Bangkok Global Law