Export and Import License

In order to be either exporter or importer, such person shall register and obtain the licenses prior to the importation or exportation of goods in relation to the Notification of Customs Department No.94/2564 and Notification of Customs Department No.95/2565. The licenses are in a form of smartcards and are valid for 3 years.Different types of licenses are in various colors, depending on persons who apply for them. Also, certain goods, which is at least of 50 categories of goods, are under the control and supervision of the Ministry of Commerce and some goods are subject to further laws and regulations. To apply for the licenses, an application and supporting documents such as order confirmation letters and invoices are required to be submitted.

According to the rules applied to the importation, some goods are subject to additional regulations for the purposes of protecting rights of consumers and preventing the dumping of price of goods. For instance, the importation of pharmaceutical products and cosmetics are controlled by the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) who will ensure the safety and standards of such products. Additionally, to import minerals, the law regulates that bringing more than 2 kilograms of specific minerals, such as tin ores, the importer shall obtain the import license and permission from the competent official. Importation of weapons, ammunition, and explosive objects is restricted and the importer has to obtain the license from the Ministry of Interior.

On the other hands, the exportation of certain goods is regulated, especially antiques and artworks that must obtain the license from the Department of Fine Arts. In addition, tobacco and agricultural products are subject to the quality control.

However, specific goods are included in the list of restricted goods and prohibited goods. For the restricted goods, such as living animals, vehicle parts, cigarettes and alcoholic beverages, and others, these are subject to further legal requirements for import and export by presenting additional evidence together with specific licenses (if, required). Meanwhile, the prohibited goods, such as narcotics, pornography, counterfeit goods, and others, are strictly prohibited from both exportation out of Thailand and importation into Thailand.