The new ministerial regulation dividing powers and duties within the Anti-Money Laundering Office

The Ministerial Regulation dividing Anti-Money Laundering Office’s governmental sectors (No. 2) B.E.2567 (A.D. 2024) was issued under the National Government Organizations Act B.E.2534.

This Ministerial Regulation mainly amends the powers and duties of Anti-Corruption Operation Center in the Anti-Money Laundering Office (“Office”) as follows:

  1. Present to the Secretary-General measures regarding the anti-corruption operation and misconduct of the Office, assess risks and create measures to mitigate and prevent risks of corruption and misconduct, develop the operation plan against corruption and misconduct and promote moral standards within the Office in compliance with national strategies and government policies and present the operation plan to the Secretary-General of the Office.
  2. Supervise the operation under the operation plan against corruption and misconduct and the promotion of moral standards of the governmental sector within the Office.
  3. Operate within the relevant legal framework concerning moral standards and moral conduct for civil servants, receive complaints regarding corruption, misconduct of duties, as well as violation of ethical standards by officers in the Office and forward those complaints to relevant sectors, including coordinating and following up a case until the case is resolved.
  4. Follow up, evaluate, and create a report regarding anti-corruption and misconduct and the promotion of moral standards within the Office to present to the Secretary-General and relevant sectors.
  5. Support or collaborate with operations of relevant sectors or those assigned by the Secretary-General.