The new SEC rules regarding reporting changes in securities holding and futures contracts became effective since 16 March 2024 onwards

On 5 March 2024, the SEC announced the new rules regarding changes of reporting obligations in securities holding (including stocks and convertible securities) and futures contracts of directors, executives, and auditors of listed companies (the “SEC Notification No. Sorjor.6/2567”) to reduce redundancy and increase flexibility to the person who is responsible for reporting.

The major changes under the SEC Notification No. Sorjor.6/2567 are:

1. Revision of the reporting period for securities holding and futures contracts. The reporting shall be made via electronic means in compliance with conditions and timeframes as set forth below:

2. Exemption to the reporting of director or executive, who is a spouse or lives as wife and/or husband together with another director or executive in the same listed company. In case either of both has already reported, the other person is not required to report again.

3. Further specifying the date of transaction in case of receiving shares from right offering and convertible securities to be clearer. To this point, a date of sale, purchase, transfer or receipt of the transfer of securities or future contracts shall be deemed as the date of transaction.