Excise unfazed by proposed liquor act

A Progressive Liquor Bill which was proposed by Move Forward Party, will not be objected by the Excise Department since it would generate more ax income collected from liquor producers. To illustrate, this year, the Excise Department collects more than 40 billion baht from liquor drinks and more than 50 billion baht from beer sales which are 10 and 3 percent respectively more than the amount collected last year.

Even though there is amendments to ministerial regulations for liquor and beer production approved by the cabinet in 2022 which allows a small producer to upgrade to become a medium-size producer with the amended production rate of 5-50 horsepower and no more than 50 workers, and the large size exceeds the aforementioned rate.

However, there are less likely producers applying for licenses to upgrade to medium-size producers and the large producer due to two reasons, firstly, the large amount of investment for entering into the market. And secondly, the restriction on alcohol advertising.

For a beer production, the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is required by the Department of Industrial Works that can be viewed as one main roadblock for potential brewers who intend to enter into this market as it seems to be unnecessary burden to them.