Incentives for EV trucks

The incentives on large trucks and buses to battery electric vehicles (BEVs) was approved by the National Electric Vehicle Policy Committee (EV Board), in order to motivate companies to transition their commercial fleets.  The tax incentive (tax deduction) is granted to eligible companies for supporting the use of electric buses and trucks, effective until 31 December 2025. The electric trucks for commercial use such as container trucks, electric buses, both air-conditioned and open-air is included in the eligible large EVs for the incentives.

Thailand supports business efforts to reduce pollution from the transport and manufacturing sectors as evidenced by many policies issued by the government. Moreover, Thailand is the first country in Southeast Asia to offer special incentives for the entire supply side and demand side. The “30@30” policy is one of the policies regarding the pollution reduction, which targets that at least 30% of the cars produced in Thailand be EVs by 2030.

In case of buying vehicles manufactured domestically, the companies can deduct expenses of two times the actual price of the vehicles, without a price ceiling. In case that the companies buy the imported vehicles, the deduction rate is 1.5 times of the vehicle price.