Legal Tactics Used to Minimized Tax

A prominent critic  made allegations against  a former CEO  of a real estate developer  that the former CEO  was aware that landlords are implementing legal tactics to evade making tax payments on land transactions. In addition, the managing director of a property consultant stated that landowners usually look for methods to reduce tax payments when selling their property. The general rule is that the Department of Land considers two or more persons who collectively own land will be considered as a group of persons. In other words, they must pay a progressive tax rate. In general, a group of landowners or one owner is  required to pay , transfer fee, withholding tax  and special business tax at the time of transferring land or selling land. Consequently, ownership of land is transferred by a group person  as a single person  at a time to avoid tax payments from  landowners. Moreover, another tactic that is implemented is using family members to buy a piece of land at a certain price and resell it later for profit.