New announcement on the label-controlled products

Laser beams have been included as a key component in various products such as fax machines, copy machines, laser pointers, etc. However, laser beams also have an impact on safety, as they can pose risks to human eyes and skin if not used properly. To enhance consumer safety, the Committee on Labels, having power under Section 30 and Section 31 of the Consumer Protection Act B.E. 2522, has determined that products containing lasers as key components should be regulated as label-controlled products.

With the enforcement of this announcement, the label-controlled products will be required to display the following information on the products:

(1)     The name, category, or type of goods, including country of origin in the case of imported goods;

(2)     The name or trademark registered in Thailand of the manufacturer for sale in Thailand;

(3)     The name or trademark registered in Thailand of the importer for sale in Thailand;

(4)     Country of Manufacturing;

(5)     The place of manufacturing or the place of business of  import of the product  for sale;

(6)     Size or dimension or quantity or capacity or weight of goods;

(7)     Class, Wavelength, and Maximum output power that is one of the key components of the label-controlled product shall be specified;

(8)     Instruction;

(9)     Recommendation or prohibition;

(10)   Warning (if any);

(11)   A manufacturing date or an expiry date;

(12)   A date for usage in the period before the date specified (if any); and

(13)   Price indicated in Thai Baht or other foreign currencies.

However, if the items of 1-10 requirements listed above cannot be displayed all at once on the label-controlled products, the Manufacturer could insert the remaining information to be attached to the package of the label-controlled products. This announcement will come into force on 27 January 2024.