New Labor Law on Work From Home Arrangements

Thailand has passed law on Work From Home which was formally known as the Labor Protection Act B.E. 2566 (No.8) which was published in the Government Gazette and was effective on April 18, 2023. This Government Gazette amended the Labor Protection Act which made additional options for employees and employers. This implementation gave better labor protection, increase the stability of work, and improve better work life for employees throughout Thailand. In other meaning, this update gave the rights to the employer and the employee to agree in the employment contract an alternative to employees to work somewhere else other than their office. However, the agreement must be made in writing. The additional update between the employee and employer can also state these circumstances such as

(1) the work’s scope and the employer’s supervision

(2) the period of the agreement which includes the starting date and the ending date,

(3) normal working hours, rests periods, overtime work,

(4) duties of the employer to provide the employee with necessary needs in carrying out the tasks, and

(5) the rules for overtime and holiday works and different kinds of leave.

           In addition, this amended on the LPA provides protection to the employees as they are allowed to refuse contact from the employer beyond normal working hours. Therefore, creating a better environment for employees. Employees must also be treated equally with employees working at the office. With this being stated, the implementation will surely have an effect on the labor employment in Thailand as it would be more applicable with today’s working scenario.