New SSO regulation requires the employers to register its employees for the social security coverage

The Social Security Office (‘SSO’) warned the employer to strictly comply with the new regulation otherwise, the employer shall be subject to the penalties.

Before the issuance of the new regulation, most employers tend to save the costs and time of not registering the migrant workers on a temporary work contract with the SSO and keep renewing the temporary work contract instead of hiring full-time workers. However, from 8th November 2022 the SSO makes it mandatory for the employers to register the migrant workers with the SSO.

The new regulation would therefore provide those migrant workers to have access to proper treatment and compensation in the event of an injury. This new regulation applies only to the group of migrant workers who come from neighbor countries. The benefits provided by the new regulation covered by the SSO relate to injury, sickness, maternity, disability, old-age benefits, and unemployment. The change in the regulation would make it easier for migrant workers to access to health care and other benefits. However, there are some types of work including housework, farming, livestock raising, and fishing that are not required to register with the SSO.