Personal Data Protection Committee was officially appointed

After a few years since the Personal Data Protection was published in the Royal Gazette of which its full enforcement has been postponed for two years, the Cabinet finally approved the appointment of the Personal Data Protection Committee consisting of Mr. Tienchai Na Nakorn as the chairman and nine honorary directors on 18 January 2022 pursuant to the Notification of Office of the Prime Minister regarding the appointment of the Chairman and Honorary Directors of the Personal Data Protection Committee.

In reference to The Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (2019) (the “Act”), the Personal Data Protection Committee shall have several major duties and power including: (i) making the master plan on the operation for the promotion and protection of personal data; (ii) determining measures or guidelines of the operation in relation to personal data protection in order to comply with the Act; (iii) issuing notifications or rules for the execution of the Act; (iv) announcing and establishing criteria for providing protection of personal data which is sent or transferred to a foreign country; (v) announcing and establishing guidelines for the protection of personal data as guidelines which shall be applied to the data controller and the data processor; (vi)providing advice or consultancy on any operation for the protection of Personal Data of the government agencies and private entities , in acting in compliance with provisions of the Act; and (vii) making rulings with respect to the issues arising from the enforcement of the Act.

Consequently, it could be expected that in the following months, we would see more specific regulations and guidelines related to compliance to the data protection law to be issued before the Act becomes fully enforced on 1 June 2022 provided that no postponement of enforcement of the Act will be announced.