Thailand’s planning measure for welcoming Chinese travelers

Due to the fact that China is planning to open its borders in early January 2023. and lessen its travel restrictions for both departures and arrivals, however, China is experiencing the covid outbreak

In this relation some countries are implementing policies and regulations. For example, the Ministry of Health of Malaysia stated that travelers should get a booster dose and take covid vaccination. The top five destinations were Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand. Therefore, Thailand is preparing effective measures to take care of foreign tourists especially, those from China. The Minister of the Public Health of Thailand said that Thailand will treat Chinese travelers in the same way as Thailand treats travelers from other countries in case of preventing Covid-19. Currently, it is proposed by the Ministry of Public health that to enter Thailand that Chinese travelers should be required to present Covid-19 vaccination certification (at least 2 doses), and, if not, purchase the health insurance coverage. In addition, they are recommended to wear mask during their stay in Thailand. However, it should be noted that these mentioned measured would be approved the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Tourism& Sports, and the Ministry of Transport on 5th January 2023.