The amendment to the Public Limited Company Act B.E.2565 (2022)

After a Bill of the amendment to the Public Limited Company Act B.E.2535 (1992) No.4 B.E.2565 (2022) (the “Amendment”) has been approved, this Amendment has become effective on 22 May 2022.

Its objective of the Amendment is to modernize the corporate processes by removing outdated and complicated requirements as well as applying the use of electronic methods in corporate processes including:

  • To provide additional options for the public limited company (“PLC”) to advertise via electronic means other than via newspapers;
  • To allow the PLC and its board of directors (“BOD”) to submit applications or documents via electronic means in case of complying with provisions of Public Limited Company Act;
  • To allow public limited company to conduct the meetings via electronic means according to the laws related to e-meeting;
  • To allow a shareholder to appoint proxy via electronic means (e-proxy) as long as the method is safe, reliable, and able to verify that the proxy has been duly authorized by the shareholder.