The Management for Clean Air Act plans to be introduced in the upcoming year

On 28 November 2023, the cabinet approved a Bill of the Management of Clean Air Act (“Bill”), a pivotal step towards addressing the issue of haze pollution or PM2.5. This Bill highlights the right of individuals to breathe clean air and measures to prevent air pollution from various sources.

According to the Bill, sources of toxic haze include pollution from industrial factories, construction areas, agricultural burning, forest fires, vehicles, and transboundary sources. It is important to note that in relation to transboundary pollution, the occupier of the sources of toxic outside Thailand is subject to the same penalty as the haze originating from sources within Thailand. However, the payment of the penalty is not required in case the occupier of the sources of toxic has proven that all possible steps have been taken to prevent, reduce, or control the spread of this toxic haze to Thailand.

To tackle haze pollution, the government plans to employ a multifaceted approach to oppose air pollution issues, including the payment of management fees from the occupier of the sources of toxic . To enforce this Bill , the expectation is a significant reduction in PM2.5, as it aims to address the problem at its roots and employ effective measures to oppose air pollution.