The new bill on Cannabis

On 20 August 2022, the bill on Cannabis (the “Bill”) has been released, with the purpose of limiting the certain activities in relation to cannabis

There are several key features under this Bill as follows:

For household consumption

  • Any individual shall be allowed to grow cannabis no more than 15 plants per household, for household use, and such individual shall register with the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand.
  • Any individual shall be allowed to grow no more than 5 rai of cannabis plants for the household consumption.

For commercial use

  • Anyone who grows, imports, exports, infuses, transforms or sells cannabis must obtain permission.
  • No one shall be allowed to advertise for the sale of cannabis unless permission has been granted.
  • A licensee shall not be allowed to sell cannabis for the consumption to anyone aged below 20, pregnant women, or women who breastfeed babies.
  • The sale of cannabis shall also be prohibited in temples, religious premises, schools and educational institutions, and other places as specified by the Public Health Minister.

Otherwise, the penalties shall be imposed.

In addition, the Bill also prohibits cannabis smoking in certain areas including: temples, public parks, and restaurants.

Furthermore, on 25 August 2022, the Ministry of Health has announced a new regulation for manufacturers that the cannabis is allowed to be utilized as ingredient which is contained in instant foods in the following:

  • Display a context or symbol indicating that the restaurant uses cannabis as food ingredient;
  • Display cannabis as food ingredient in menu; and
  • Provide food safety recommendation regarding cannabis consumption to consumers.

Moreover, the Health Department has stipulated 30 minutes training course for either for business operators or food handlers how to utilize cannabis for cooking food that is suitable and safe for consumers.