The regulations to tackle online fraud and enhance public security

            The 2023 Agenda of the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society of Thailand (“DES”) aims to prevent and suppress technological crimes by implementing a new legislation and amending existing laws. Because of a high volume of online scams and call center fraud, the DES has planned to have an emergency decree on prevention and suppression of technology crimes, which could be seen as the key resolution to combat mule accounts and online fraud. In addition, in order to effectively combat online fraud and hybrid scams, the DES, with the assistance of neighboring countries, where the scammed call centers are located, employ the use of technologies to suspend the telephone numbers being used to commit fraud. As a result, if the new laws and policies are put into place, the number of cases may be reduced.

            Aside from reducing and preventing online scams, the DES intended to implement the National Digital Health Platform that would connect patients’ medical records across hospitals and would also develop the health link system to exchange the medical records of the patients between the hospitals. However, the health link system would be activated once the consents have been given by the patients.

            In conclusion, in case DES’s plans have been successfully achieved, the number of online frauds could be reduced and the government enables to arrest the groups of online scammers. Indeed, the upcoming laws, regulations, and policies could enhance both the security of online transactions and national security.