Visa-free is expected to attract more tourists from China and Kazakhstan

The Thai Government is implementing a strategic initiative aimed at revitalizing its tourism industry. This initiative involves the introduction of a visa-free policy for tourists from two key nations: China and Kazakhstan. Under this policy, tourists hailing from these countries will have the privilege of traveling to Thailand without the need to apply for the conventional visa application process. This remarkable change will be in effect for an extensive period, commencing on 25 September 2023, and extending all the way until 29 February 2024. In addition, the Thai Government expects that this initiative plan could generate more income for the country and assist in the recovery of tourism sectors that have been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Immigration Bureau of Thailand (“IB”) has announced its readiness to welcome tourists from both countries by bolstering its staff presence at Suvarnabhumi International Airport checkpoints. In addition to this prepared plan, the IB is also implementing measures to screen and track tourists. This proactive approach is in place because the visa-free scheme could potentially be exploited by some tourists for engaging in illicit activities in Thailand. In addition, hotels must provide the IB with the details of tourists at the hotel check-ins. Failure to do so may result in a penalty of not exceeding THB 8,000.